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I am a veterinary practitioner and writer located in Northern California who loves a good story and lots of miles on the trail. How many miles? My favorite distance is 100 mile events, whether on horseback or in a pair of running shoes. When I'm not on the trails, I can be found writing-- or reading-- my next favorite book.



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Dr. Mel Newton

The running, riding, writing veterinarian

New Release

Coming Soon in Fall 2019!

Don't want to sort through 1600+ posts to find the best and most relevant posts? In Fall 2019 Dr. Mel is releasing a curated and edited selection of blog posts, as well as new content never seen on the blog, especially relevant to endurance riders who have just discovered the sport. 


  • How to back a trailer

  • Take control of your conditioning and training

  • The never before told story of Dr. Mel's first endurance ride

  • ...and more!


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The Blog

The blog has been going continuously since January 2009. After over a decade and 1,600+ posts the mission of the blog continues to be simple: inspire and motivate you to go out and do exciting things that make life richer, even if they seem impossible. It is the little steps and choices every day that culminate into your dreams.


I’m committed to honesty, sharing the bad and the good, creating educational resources, and writing a good story – whether through the good ‘ole written word, comics, presentations, or anything else that strikes my fancy. 


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