Do you have an instrument that you’ve always dreamed of playing? Is your Grandma’s piano sitting in your living room unused? You are only one little book away from playing any instrument. 


Bar Napkin Guides are the essential how-to for the new skill you want to learn. It’s just like friends scribbling the must-do’s on a napkin during a night out. Except this one won’t end up crumbled in your jean pocket and in the wash, and the handwriting is easier to read in the morning. This Bar Napkin covers: 


  • Picking the right instrument (with three recommendations)
  • How to connect the dots between your instrument, a fingering chart, and the music in front of you
  • Other useful tools like metronomes and tuners
  • Specific tasks at the end of each chapter to keep you on track

...and more!


Go Ride Far

Coming Fall 2019


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Available from select retailers in both ebook and print versions. 


The cost of the e-book is less than a cup of coffee. Please consider buying my books, reviewing them on Amazon, and recommending them to a friend. It really helps!



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Don't want to sort through 1600+ posts to find the best and most relevant posts?


In Fall 2019 Dr. Mel is releasing a curated and edited selection of blog posts, as well as new content never seen on the blog, especially relevant to endurance riders who have just discovered the sport. 

  • How to back a trailer
  • Take control of your conditioning and training
  • The never before told story of Dr. Mel's first endurance ride

...and more!


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